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Strategic Telemonitoring, Inc. better known as STI represents companies specializing in home Telemonitoring. Through our associate companies we provide Wireless and Cellular transmission modems and vitals monitoring devices to hospitals and home health agencies.

The combination of our wireless remote technology and our clinically driven interventions deliver the right care at the right time in a more effective and efficient way to our clients.

We provide a true rental program through our "Telemonitoring on Demand" Service. For a low fee, we do it all. No minimum requirements; no long term contract. Clients are charged a monthly rental fee based on the devices required for their patient. Devices are returned to our facility when the patient is removed from service. Our service eliminates client concerns for early equipment obsolesce, ROI, and issues related to inventory, equipment utilization, and equipment location.

We provide a complete back-end service; cleaning, repair, recalibration, and maintenance of equipment is managed by our personnel.

Remote patient monitoring could not be any easier or more precise.